Getting Rid of Stinking Thinking

Getting Rid of Stinking Thinking may be the single most important decision you will ever make! The
battlefield of life is found in your mind – that’s where all attack is focused and where all destruction
takes place.

All mental thoughts emanate from your brain – it’s the command centre of your life! Your brain weighs
in at only 3 pounds in size, yet it contains billions of cells! That’s amazing!

Your brain can handle thousands of pieces of information at one time. For instance, it receives and
transmits information at the same time, as well as continually generating and recording information. In
fact, thousands and possibly tens of thousands of pieces of information pass through it every day!

Scientists calculate that after 70 years of activity, you brain may contain up to 15 trillion
(15,000,000,000,000) pieces of information. Absolutely amazing!

That’s why the brain (your mind) is under constant attack. Thoughts come against your brain to
neutralize its capacity and keep you from going forward. With thousands of pieces of information
coming through your brain every day, it’s not hard to see how negative information and thoughts can
overwhelm you. And when you’re overwhelmed, it’s all you can do to keep your head above water! It’s
therefore very unlikely you’ll be looking at changing your life during these times. But changing the way
you think is the only way that your life will ever change!

Dr Ed Cole used to share this truth in men’s meetings all across the country—‘Change is never change
until you change!’ Change begins in the mind and flows through your actions into real change. But
bringing change to pass in your mind is more than a single, solitary decision or whim. It takes a lot of
commitment and hard work. Consider how old you are and how long you’ve been thinking the way you
currently think – you have to undo all those years of Stinking Thinking and it will take strong
commitment to do so!

And you’ll never change the way you act until you change the way you think! Isn’t it time that you considered Getting Rid of Your Stinking Thinking?